Gallipoli Scholarship

The following selection criteria must be met by successful scholarship applicants.

Financial Criteria and other Necessitous Circumstances

Aussie Digger* You must be able to demonstrate with the appropriate documentation that you ARE OR WILL BE receiving educational benefits for full time study under Youth Allowance, AUSTUDY, ABSTUDY or a replacement Commonwealth benefit or WILL BE eligible to receive these benefits due to changed financial circumstances..

* You must provide a statement showing necessitous circumstances for you and your family, giving specific details as to family income and expenditures, housing situation, family composition and any health or other difficulties which have affected, and will continue to affect, your continuing education.

*To meet this requirement you should provide the following in supporting documentation to your application:

- Your family’s taxable income and the working status of your parents/guardians
- Your family’s housing circumstances with regard to ownership or rental;
- Your present accommodation situation - either at home or away, and if away the details of your living arrangements
- Your family composition - parents or single parent, other children by age and working/schooling status
- Any abnormal and/or urgent family expenditure needs and whether it is met weekly, monthly or otherwise.
- Your certification of entitlement to Youth Allowance or other benefit payments for the year in which you are applying..

* All information supplied in support of your application will be treated in confidence and only available to the Selection Committee and support staff. The Selection Committee reserves the right to certify your claims.


Aussie DiggerYour application must be supported with:

* A report of your academic performance and your suitability for tertiary studies from your school principal or classroom teacher;

* Authenticated copies of official Higher School Certificate and Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) information.

* A statement about what you did last year if you were not at school. Did you have a Gap Year? What did you do? Where did you spend it?

* Evidence that you have been offered a place in 2017 in an appropriate University degree course.

You are also to provide a short statement outlining your reasons for undertaking your chosen course and career, and especially, your prospects of proceeding to graduation in the minimum time for a degree.


You should also demonstrate your commitment in your last year of school to your school generally and your special achievements in relevant activities both at school and elsewhere. Successful applicants must attend a formal presentation and remembrance ceremony in Sydney at the Merrylands RSL Club in the lead up to ANZAC Day. Assistance to make this journey is available where necessary. Details of the ceremony and assistance will be relayed with the Selection Committee's advice on your application.

Application Form

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